The south east London market street where Charlie Chaplin lived

The south east London market street where Charlie Chaplin lived

While lots of us know Charlie Chaplin before his rise to stardom in the era of silent films, you may not know the iconic performer is from south east London.

Charles Spencer Chaplin is thought to have been born in the Walworth area, which lies in Southwark.

According to Silent London, Chaplin often referred to his home as Walworth or Southwark so that he was not misquoted by journalists as being from Suffolk.

It is believed that he lived near East Street Market, which is still there today in the SE17 postcode of south east London.

At the entrance of the market there is even a blue plaque posted on a wall above a clothing shop to mark Chaplin’s alleged birthplace.

Southwark Council claims that East Street Market is one of the oldest, largest and busiest markets in all of London.

Shoppers can buy a range of goods from fresh fruit and vegetables to African clothing and materials, the council says.

The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the day and the nearest tube station is Elephant and Castle.

Despite rising to success later in life, Chaplin’s childhood was poverty-stricken, and he spent his early years in Kennington.

As his family’s financial situation was in tatters, he was sent to Lambeth workhouse at just age seven.

Shortly after this, he went to Norwood Schools, a place for destitute boys.

As a child, he started to perform when he could and realised that he enjoyed it.

He became a member of the Eight Lancashire Lads clog-dancing troupe and the group toured English music halls throughout 1899 and 1900.

But Chaplin learned that instead of dancing his heart was in comedy.

He continued to perform and soon became an established comedian.

Chaplin took to Vaudeville which eventually led to him appearing in silent films where he thrived.

Some of his films included: Caught in the Rain, Caught in a Cabaret, A Busy Day, Her Friend the Bandit, The Knockout and more.