She has lost so much weight

She has lost so much weight
She has lost so much weight

  • Regina Daniels recently posted a video showing a behind-the-scenes look at the elaborate preparations for her sons Munir and Khalifa’s birthday party.
  • In the clip, the spotlight is on Jennifer Awele, wife of late actor Junior Pope. She is the organizer of the event.
  • Awele’s appearance in the video quickly became a hot topic, leading to a flood of comments and speculation about her appearance, with many fans expressing their concerns and curiosity.

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her family are in good spirits as they celebrate a special milestone as her sons, Munir and Khalifa, turn four and two on Saturday, June 29.

The cheerful mom shared candid photos of her boys and marveled at how quickly four years have flown by since Munir’s birth.

Regina expressed her deep sense of fulfillment as a mother and shared how her sons have been a divine gift, destined to transform their lives in profound ways.


The beaming mother of two posted a dazzling video showing the intense preparations for her sons’ epic birthday party.

The clip featured none other than Jennifer Awele, the widow of late actor Junior Pope, in a striking black outfit.

Regina revealed that Jennifer was the genius event planner behind the big party, which made for an unexpected twist that had everyone excited.

Regina praised Jennifer and wrote:

“It’s already a lot of fun here during the preparations for our birthday party. As always, my own wonderful @qutejay came with her blessed hands.

To think I wanted something small and just trust @dopeevents007 to make everything PREMIUM!. Love you girl! The sky is your starting point with your blessed hands! I can’t wait to get the party started.”


However, many expressed concern about Jennifer’s noticeable weight loss since her husband’s death. They flooded the comments with prayers for her strength and urged Nollywood stars to continue showing her love and support during this challenging time.