Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Tracker: Picks, Trades and Rumors

Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Tracker: Picks, Trades and Rumors
Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Tracker: Picks, Trades and Rumors

Barring a trade, the Toronto Maple Leafs will select 23rd overall in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft tonight.

Last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs traded their own pick, but secured a pick from Boston, via Washington (for Rasmus Sandin), which was the 28th pick and which they used to select Easton Cowan.

Cowan was an unpopular choice at the time, but a year later he is by far the best prospect within the organization, after a great final season in the OHL, in which he won almost everything there was to win.

The Leafs will be happy if they get half of what they did last year out of this draft.

For insight into the concept, I highly recommend checking out the work of Austin Kelly, our resident concept expert.

In the lead-up to the draft, he wrote several profiles on potential Leafs picks, all of which are incredibly in-depth and well worth your time.

He also wrote this incredible final piece summarizing the Leafs’ thoughts and possible picks ahead of tonight’s draft.

I personally put together our sit’s Mock Draft, so don’t blame Austin for that! It’s my first attempt at something like this, and while I don’t know all the prospects like Austin does, it was fun to research and get to know them ahead of time. It’ll be interesting to see how many answers I get right!

Entering the draft, the Leafs have a huge need at goalie and on the blue line. Their blue line is basically just Morgan Rielly and Jake McCabe at the moment.

They may re-sign Timothy Liljegren, but they don’t have to. They will definitely need to promote Topi Niemela and do everything they can to move Simon Benoit to seventh, where he belongs.

That means they need at least two defenders, but probably more. There are rumors that they are interested in Tanev, but that seems like a mistake waiting to happen.

A Tanev/McCabe/Reilly/Liljegren is expensive and doesn’t inspire much confidence.

They have been continually thwarted in the net. Jacob Markstrom was traded to New Jersey despite the Leafs offering what was likely a better package. (Honestly, this stuff is so petty and embarrassing for Flames GM Craig Conroy, who seems to have a major negative rating on Brad Treliving).

To recap, the Leafs have the 23rd pick, although they have already tried to trade it. They need a goalkeeper and about three defenders.

– Rumor has it that the Leafs are still in negotiations with Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi. Both are expected to hit free agency, but there are rumors that one or both will take a cheap deal to come back.

– Timothy Liljegren may be in play as the Leafs are reportedly concerned about his arbitration ruling. Best bet is to just sign him long-term with a cheap cap hit.

The Leafs have the 23rd pick, after that they have no picks until the 4th round. They have 3 x 5th round picks and 2 x 7th round picks.

Trade: The Leafs traded their 23rd pick to the Anaheim Ducks for the 31st and 58th picks.

Provisional version: At 31st overall, the Leafs take defenceman Ben Danford.

Trade: The Leafs traded their second-round pick with Florida for a second-round pick next year and a seventh-round pick this year. Not a bad thing to convert the 23rd pick into the 31st pick + a 2nd and a 7th.

Provisional version: Round 4 120th overall the Leafs draft Victor Johansson

Provisional version: Round 5 151st overall Miroslav Holinka

Provisional version: Round 5 152nd overall Alexander Plesovskikh

Provisional version: Round 5 157th overall Timofei Obvintsev

Provisional version: Round 7 200th overall Matthew Lahey

Trade: At the end of the draft, the Leafs sent the Dallas Stats a 7th round pick and Max Ellis.

Let’s see what happens. I’ll post updates as soon as anything happens.