Students join stick library and website to raise money for Victoria animal rescue

Students join stick library and website to raise money for Victoria animal rescue

A library with no shelter for dog sticks sounds like a sad situation – one that five students at Royal Roads University find themselves in.

The group is looking for a place to display their handmade stick library as part of a project to benefit the Victoria Pet Adoption Agency.

The business students designed an eco-friendly online pet store for a charity that rehabilitates and rehomes more than 200 animals each year, explains Lawson Currie, a member of the group.

Their goal is to create a funding stream to support the work – Island Eco-Tails and the Handmade Stick Library Without a Home – are part of the solution.

“We’re hoping that someone who has a location near a dog park or an area where there’s a field can take a library,” Currie said. “We could build a few of those.”

Island Eco-Tails is an online store that sells cotton-based, eco-friendly products for dogs, cats and people. On the tangible side, they built a library box specifically designed for dogs to borrow sticks.

It is part of a project-based learning activity, in a programme focused on innovation and sustainability, involving groups from different communities and non-profit organisations.

“They come to us with a problem they’re having and we look at different ways to create something that will work for them in the future,” Currie said.

For them, it was Victoria Pet Adoption Agency, which is funded solely by adoption fees, fundraising events, and public donations. The agency rehabilitates and rehomes animals, focusing on pets in need of veterinary care and the rehabilitation of feral kittens.

“What makes our business unique is our commitment to social responsibility. All profits generated by Island Eco-Tails are donated to Victoria Pet Adoption Society, furthering our mission to make a positive difference in both the pet community and the environment,” said Currie.

On July 14, the company will be transferred to Victoria Pet Adoption Society, with plans for further growth.

For more information about hosting the dog library, visit the Island EcoTails website at For more information about the charity, visit