Victoria Park construction work finally starts

Victoria Park construction work finally starts
Victoria Park construction work finally starts

Photo credit: Municipality of Eindhoven

After the construction holiday, construction of the Victoriapark in the centre of Eindhoven will start. On the approximately 13,000 square metre large surface of the so-called Emmasingelkwadrant – between the greenery and some two hundred trees – more than 1,500 homes will be built.

The artwork ‘Gateway to the Future’, a tribute to Gerard Philips that was unveiled last year, will also be given a place in the park. The statue is currently located in the Gloeilampplantsoen on Strijp-T. According to alderman Rik Thijs of the municipality of Eindhoven, one of the founders of Philips will soon be looking to the future (Strijp-S), with the place where it all began behind him.

During a walk across the still vacant lot, Stijn Steenbakkers, the second alderman involved in Victoriapark, acknowledges that the patience of the residents has been tested. Around 2006, new residents moved to this part of the city with the idea that the park would be renovated in the foreseeable future. “It took about twenty years, but now it is finally going to happen. Some people moved here especially because there would be a beautiful park with lots of greenery. But nobody expected it to take this long.”


The Victoriapark is to become the beating heart of the Emmasingel quadrant from the summer of 2025. This area – at the back of the library – is located between the Willemstraat, the Mathildelaan, the Vonderweg and the Emmasingel. The Lichtplein, which is already used for events, will be made greener and will soon be a lot more attractive for residents, shoppers, tourists and the entrepreneurs who are located on the edge of the park.

After the summer, construction of 250 homes will start at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) on the Vonderweg. For a long time, it was uncertain whether this project could continue due to financial reasons, but with additional government subsidy (1.6 million euros), construction is now definitive. In addition to realizing homes, the studio spaces in the TAC are also being renovated.

Victoria Tower

Together with the Victoriatoren (start: spring 2025), the Vonderparkkwartier of Bree (start: no later than mid-2025) and the redevelopment of the old head office of Woonbedrijf (no later than mid-2025), there will be more than fifteen hundred new homes. In different price ranges. “We deliberately separated the construction of the Victoriatoren and the construction of the park,” says Steenbakkers.

He refers to the previous deal with the developer that he would not only build the tower, but also construct the park. “We have – with new insights – disconnected that. The agreement is that the developer pays 2.5 million to the municipality and can earn that amount back if he starts building the Victoria Tower before a certain time. And as a municipality we are responsible for the design of the public space and the phased construction of the park.”

The gender

According to Thijs, the greatest achievement is to get the Gender above ground again. This river now flows into the city via sewer pipes with a diameter of one and a half meters. The municipality wants to make the Gender visible again in the Victoriapark and on the Stationsweg. Thijs: “That is good for the city residents, who already have too little green, for the animals and biodiversity. And the new Gender also buffers the rainwater that sometimes falls in abundance. Moreover, this can also be a measure against drought.”

Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez