‘God Chose Winnipeg to Start a Revival’: Egyptian Pastor Expects a Move of God

‘God Chose Winnipeg to Start a Revival’: Egyptian Pastor Expects a Move of God
‘God Chose Winnipeg to Start a Revival’: Egyptian Pastor Expects a Move of God

An Egyptian pastor living in Winnipeg believes God is planning something miraculous in the heart of Canada.

Moheb Nasr, originally from Egypt, was formerly a megachurch pastor in his home country. During the pandemic, Nasr and his wife felt a calling from God to come to Winnipeg.

For the past four years, Nasr has been a pastor at Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church in Winnipeg. A few months ago, he felt God pulling him in a different direction and gave up his official position at the church, while still helping.

“The last two years God has filled my heart with His passion and love for Winnipeg,” Nasr says. “I believe that from what I’ve shared with all my friends, God is up to something. A movement, a revival. I believe God chose Winnipeg for a big reason, and that is to build His kingdom.”

While Nasr cannot fully convey what God is doing, he says he is not the only pastor in the city experiencing this.

“I’m busy praying for Winnipeg, for churches, networking with other pastors and leaders. I’m praying to build a great house of prayer in our city, for all the churches to come together in unity and have one project in the kingdom.”

One thing is for sure: Nasr is certain that prayer will be involved.

“As you know, there is a great prayer network here in the city. We dream and pray to expand the network. Maybe by the end of this year we will gather all the pastors and leaders for one day of prayer. We are still waiting for God’s leadership, but we dream of a prayer room for all of us.”

Nasr and his wife, Sara Philobbos, have two daughters. Philobbos also changed career paths when her family moved to Manitoba. She was a dentist in Egypt for 15 years, but after moving to Canada, she decided to get her degree and is now a counselor.

“Me and my family, we are missionaries here,” Nasr says. “God sent us here for a reason.”

If you are interested in contacting Nasr, you can email him at [email protected].

“It is time for all leaders and pastors to come out of the walls of our churches and organizations. God chose Winnipeg to start a huge movement and revival. Winnipeg is the heart of Canada. Let us come together, to pray together.”