Tom Tugendhat is ‘wet’ and Victoria Atkins is ‘bloody rude’, says former Tory MP

Tom Tugendhat is ‘wet’ and Victoria Atkins is ‘bloody rude’, says former Tory MP
Tom Tugendhat is ‘wet’ and Victoria Atkins is ‘bloody rude’, says former Tory MP

A former Conservative MP has slammed former colleagues who are potential leaders of the party, describing them as “wet”, “bloody rude” and “a stooge”.

Dame Andrea Jenkyns said she would back either Suella Braverman or Priti Patel as the next leader, saying the party needs “red meat policies”.

He told GB News: “Having worked with (Kemi Badenoch) in parliament for a number of years, I’m not her biggest fan. I think she’s very smart, no doubt about it, she’s a lovely person. But what you see is not what you get, really.

“Look at her voting record, she’s just a party stooge. She voted for all of Theresa May’s deals. She voted for more Net Zero. Look at how she behaved towards Boris, immaturely in those text messages, to get people to resign.

“And don’t forget that in the European Supervisory Committee, which the great Sir Bill Cash chaired in the previous parliament, she spoke to him in such a disrespectful way and lectured him.

“Another thing that worries me is that Kemi was a London Assembly Member. Why is there nothing online? Why does her internet history seem to have been deleted before Brexit? That is something I would like to know.

“On the woke stuff she’s very good, but on the other stuff she just does what Gove or whoever says.

“I think we’d be better off going in the direction of Priti or Suella. They’re both Spartans, like me, and they’re both fighters, and they’re both Thatcherite Conservatives.

“I think what we’ve seen over the last 18 months is that we really need some red meat policy. Look at how people went to Reform.

“I have expressed my confidence in Rishi Sunak and I don’t think the party has learned its lesson. It is high time they learn their lessons and listen to their members.

“Tom (Tugendhat) is great, but then again, he’s a one nation Tory. I don’t want Victoria Atkins at all. I don’t like her at all, I’ve got to be honest, I’ve made that clear over the years… she’s just so bloody rude, I’m afraid.

“She talks down to people. She’s on her high horse all the time and it just drives me crazy, honestly. I want someone who’s authentic.

“Now, my advice to Suella, for what it’s worth. I like Suella, and I really like Priti. She needs to remember the numbers.

“Look at the composition of the party. The MPs that are left are mainly three-quarters or more who are the only Conservative party. She has to turn it around if she wants to get their votes to get to the final.

“Suella and I were elected at the same time and I know her very well. Like me, she always believed that Conservative Party leaders come and go, but ultimately we are Conservatives.

“We need to get our act together, that’s for sure. And I think we’re going to have a bit more turbulence in the coming weeks as we fight for the heart of the party, from the One Nation group to the Thatcherite group.

“We are fighting for the heart of conservatism, but then we really need to get our act together and build a strong opposition so that we can fight again at the next general election.

“I think (Kemi) was groomed a bit, if that’s the right word, to be the replacement for a while. There was even a whipping operation, which I wasn’t involved in, but I was on the sidelines, to try and get Rishi out, and I know some people were key allies of Kemi.

“This has been brewing for a while, but I will certainly try to stop this, even though I am no longer a Member of Parliament.”