Hamilton County autopsy report says cause of Georgia woman’s death is ‘undetermined’

Hamilton County autopsy report says cause of Georgia woman’s death is ‘undetermined’
Hamilton County autopsy report says cause of Georgia woman’s death is ‘undetermined’

Months after the remains of a Georgia woman were found in Hamilton County, many questions remain about her death.

Especially for the woman’s mother, who tells us that this process has taken a heavy toll.

An autopsy report received on Wednesday shows the cause of death of 20-year-old Maury-Ange Martinez is “unknown.”

According to the report, the cause could not be determined as only skeletal remains could be found.

Martinez disappeared in August 2023 after leaving a Cobb County jail.

In January of this year, her remains were found near the 7600 block of Ferdinand Piech Way, near the Gestamp factory.

Authorities confirmed in June that the remains were those of Martinez.

Two men and a woman are now facing charges.

Allen Kerr, Sean Deshazer and Jasmine Craig are accused of covering up Martinez’s death.

An indictment alleges that on August 21, 2023, the three defendants “unlawfully concealed the death of Maury-Ange Martinez, thereby preventing discovery of whether said person was unlawfully killed, by moving, concealing and destroying Martinez’s body so that her remains were not discovered in Tennessee until January 4, 2024.”

They also face several drug-related charges.

Read the full complaint below:

Kerr and Deshazer were already in custody in Cobb County on unrelated charges. Police in Kansas captured Craig.

Martinez’s mother, Anita Darling, tells us she was “an unconditional lover.”

“She was a sparkling, wonderful, loving woman,” Darling says.

Darling says this process means a lot to her and her family.

“It’s not a 30-minute true crime series, you know,” Darling says.

She says her daughter had no connection to the Chattanooga area and therefore has no idea how her remains ended up here.

Darling says her family has no control over the investigation.

“We’re constantly asking ourselves, ‘Do we ask? What if they know more?’ I mean, the researchers have been amazing and I’m really grateful for all their work, but at the same time I have to give them time to do their job.”

According to the autopsy report, a forensic anthropologist and a UTC student assisted in recovering Martinez’s remains.

“It was really sweet of them to reach out to me at that time and reach out to me, and they confirmed that this was who it was, and so they’re part of this process as well. And I feel for them as well. I mean, that’s a surprising discovery,” Darling says.

Darling says she was relieved to hear three people had been arrested.

“I wish I was a more vindictive person, I’m not. These are all young people, right? I always hope that people grow and learn. In this case, something terrible clearly happened. And I feel like it’s a relief when they’re behind bars.”

Darling knows that her daughter only wants the best for others in the future.

“She always wanted to leave a good energy behind, or, you know, radiate good things. And so I think that’s been a big focus of mine, even as I grieve and go through that grief.”

Darling says she’s trying to stay positive as the investigation continues.

At this time, investigators are still trying to determine exactly how Martinez died.