Amid cost overruns, Metro Vancouver’s top official defends his record – BC

Amid cost overruns, Metro Vancouver’s top official defends his record – BC
Amid cost overruns, Metro Vancouver’s top official defends his record – BC

In response to numerous requests from Global News over the past month, Metro Vancouver Chief Administrative Officer Jerry Dobrovolny agreed to an interview.

We asked about the $3.86 billion North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, estimated to be $3 billion over budget. Contractor Acciona Wastewater Solutions LP has been fired and legal action is underway.

Metro Vancouver’s top civil servant earns more than $700,000 a year

“It was my recommendation and the board made the decision,” Dobrovolny said of the dismissal.

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When asked if he was responsible for the situation, he replied: “Well, we had a contractor who did not meet his obligations.”

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Global News also asked Dobrovolny about calls for an independent audit of the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“I support doing a review of the project,” he said. “I support doing a review of decisions that were made along the way and learning from that review.”

An evaluation was recently announced by Metro Vancouver’s new chairman, Mike Hurley.

The consequences of the factory have also raised questions about the financial compensation of the collective labor agreement.

Metro Vancouver politicians call for federal auditor general investigation into construction overruns

In 2023, he received his base salary of over $451,000, a retroactive payout of $172,000 and a performance bonus of almost $20,000.

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Dobrovolny declined to disclose his current compensation.

“We provide full transparency through the financial information statement that we provide every year, just like all other government employees do. That information was only released for last year and will be released again next year for this year,” he said.

Global News has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act so taxpayers can find out how much they will pay Dobrovolny in 2024.

Regarding his recent trip to Amsterdam for a conference, Dobrovolny defended his attendance and that of six others, saying the huge educational opportunity included learning about the use of natural systems for water treatment.

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