Southwark Council leads 10-year plan for social housing in England

Southwark Council leads 10-year plan for social housing in England
Southwark Council leads 10-year plan for social housing in England

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Image caption, Five recommendations have been published by 20 local authority landlords in England

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A ten-year plan has been published aimed at boosting social housing in England, led by a London council.

Southwark City Council has produced a report entitled ‘Securing the Future of Social Housing’. The report contains a five-point plan and was developed by 20 local authorities in England.

Southward Council leader Kieron Williams said their proposal would “secure social housing in England for generations to come”.

Jim McMahon, the minister for housing, communities and local government, acknowledged that councils are “facing very significant budgetary pressures”.

The five solutions presented in the interim report are:

  • Setting up a new, fair and sustainable HRA model
  • Reform unsustainable ‘Right to Buy’ policies
  • Remove bureaucracy surrounding the Affordable Homes Program and other funds
  • Announce a Green and Decent Homes Program
  • Financing the completion of new social housing

Mr Williams said: “We are now publishing this interim report from England’s largest council landlords because we want to work with the new Government from day one to deliver more and better council homes that our communities need.

“With more and more local authority landlords on the brink of collapse, urgent action is needed to put our national social housing finances back on a solid footing.”

‘More than bricks and mortar’

He added: “Town halls are so much more than bricks and mortar. They are a cornerstone of better health, education, economic growth and the environment.

“By investing in them together, we can change the lives of future generations for the better.

“Our five solutions offer the new government an opportunity to turn this around: by modernising the social housing we have, bringing it up to modern, safe, healthy and green standards, and by creating the thousands of additional social housing units our country urgently needs.”

Responding to the publication of the report, Mr McMahon said: “Our councils do fantastic work, but they face significant budgetary pressures.

“By building 1.5 million new homes, we can respond to the high demand for temporary housing, as people now have a safe, secure and affordable place to live.”

The other councils involved in the document are: Birmingham, Bristol, Camden, Dudley, Greenwich, Hackney, Hull, Islington, Kirklees, Lambeth, Leeds, Leicester, Lewisham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Rotherham, Sandwell, Sheffield and Wolverhampton.

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