Cannabis edibles now legal, but supply is trickling in slowly

Cannabis edibles now legal, but supply is trickling in slowly

LONDON, ONT. — Recreational cannabis store managers were busy managing expectations when it comes to edibles on Monday.

Many potential customers thought this would be the first day that cannabis stores could start selling so-called 2.0 products, including edibles.

Steven Worby came to Central Cannabis on Wonderland Road to try edibles. “I’m just curious about that aspect of it, especially for people who can’t smoke.”

Worby uses cannabis for pain management: “For me it’s arthritis, but for a lot of people, regardless of pain, it would definitely help.”

But there were no edibles for sale at the city’s three recreational cannabis stores, even though they became legal on Jan. 6.

Anticipation was raised after representatives from Ontario Cannabis Store held a product launch event last week to showcase the products available.

“There was definitely a spike in interest today,” said Luke Gaffan, manager of the Central Cannabis Store.

“We will have access to all of these 2.0 products starting tomorrow and they will be delivered this week.”

The same goes for the two other legal recreational cannabis stores in London, J. London and Tweed. It is expected that all stores will have 2.0 products available by the weekend.

However, they also warn that even once the edibles, teas and vapes hit the market, demand will likely outstrip supply and shelves will quickly empty.

But they also believe it won’t be long before supply chain issues are resolved.

Meanwhile, London-based company Indiva is awaiting a Health Canada license for edibles, extracts and topicals so it can begin distributing its chocolate products.

Kate Abernathy, vice president of sales and marketing at Indiva, points to a report from Ernst and Young that found 2.0 products will find three million new cannabis consumers.

“So there are a lot of people who are going to have their first experiences here in the coming months and we are very happy and hope that this will be their first and best experience.”