Oak Bay graduate who ‘motivates and inspires’ wants to explore arts and culture

Oak Bay graduate who ‘motivates and inspires’ wants to explore arts and culture
Oak Bay graduate who ‘motivates and inspires’ wants to explore arts and culture

The smells, sights and emotional highs of hours spent creatively engaged in the art classroom at Oak Bay High dominate Natalie Greencorn’s memories of her senior year.

“That’s where I spent all my time,” said the 2024 graduate.

Greencorn spent three hours a day there, taking her year-long advanced art class, finding and being inspired, and teaching two consecutive grade 12 ceramics classes.

The transition to high school really cemented a lifelong passion for art. Now working in oil paint is a favorite, with ceramics—particularly on the potter’s wheel—a close second.

“That’s what I love about Oak Bay (High) is they have such a great arts community and so many resources,” Greencorn said.

That motivation prompted art teacher Corey Wright to recommend Greencorn for the Oak Bay Community Artists Society’s annual scholarship.

Chair Flo-elle Watson credits Wright’s nomination letter as one of the reasons Greencorn was selected.

“She is an amazing student with a passion for art and exceptional excellence,” Wright wrote. “She is a 12th grader who is graduating and joined me on the 2022 art trip. Her involvement and production in all things art has only increased and she motivates and inspires her fellow students.”

Greencorn fondly remembers the trip as a first taste of independence during visits to Paris, Florence and Rome.

“It was a crazy opportunity, especially because it was a specific art trip,” she said. “That was really the beginning of my passion. I had never really been to museums or seen so many works of art in real life.”

The Oak Bay teen expects art to be her future, whether that’s teaching or marketing or something else that hasn’t yet occurred to her. But first, she’ll spend some time exploring arts and culture in a “gap year”

The art society also offers winning students space at the annual Bowker Brush Up Art Show and Sale, held in August. With such short notice, Greencorn plans to participate next year. The art walk along the waterway between Hampshire Road and Armstrong Avenue usually draws around 3,000 visitors.

Other previous scholarship recipients may be in attendance at this year’s event, on Sunday, August 11 from 11am to 4pm.