Yume: New Japanese Fusion Restaurant Opens in Vancouver

Yume: New Japanese Fusion Restaurant Opens in Vancouver
Yume: New Japanese Fusion Restaurant Opens in Vancouver

After a quick and impressive interior renovation, Yume Japanese Fusion restaurant has opened at 410 W 2nd St.

Located near the Canada Line’s Olympic Village station, Yume replaces the short-lived Sunny Side Up, a breakfast and lunch spot that operated in the building for the first few months of the year before closing.

Previously, one of the last DeDutch locations in Vancouver was located here.

Yume is a new restaurant serving a variety of contemporary dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine, including soba noodles, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi and udon.

Part of the menu is devoted to Yume’s futomaki, wide sushi rolls with pickled vegetables and tamago (egg), with options including beef, negitoro (tuna belly with green onion) or cooked salmon (the so-called BC roll).

One of Yume’s sushi options is the aburi sushi (burned sushi), served on round mounds of rice and with toppings such as tuna or hotate (scallop).

Dishes like cold soba noodles are delicious in warm weather and have a nice dose of wasabi (stir well!). The tako wasabi is also very refreshing: a small dish of chopped raw octopus with wasabi, served with bits of dried seaweed.

A more substantial dish, katsu sando is rich and filling; it consists of a large, golden-brown fried pork cutlet on soft white bread with a special homemade egg sauce. The bread is a little too thin to cope with the thick, crispy pork and creamy sauce, but the flavors are all spot on.

Much of the menu is easily shareable, from appetizers to sushi dishes, as well as main courses such as beef sukiyaki in regular or spicy broth and Yume’s “kitchen special” Donmahawk, a deep-fried pork tomahawk steak with rice, potatoes and a sweet sauce.

Yume’s space is light, bright and modern, reflecting a significant update from the yellow diner vibe of its predecessors.

The new restaurant doesn’t have a website, but you can follow them on Instagram @yume.dining. Yume is open seven days a week from 11:30am to 9:30pm.

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