‘So Deaf to Tone’ Fake Camp Reportedly Built for ‘Law & Order Toronto’ Set Gets Mixed Reactions

‘So Deaf to Tone’ Fake Camp Reportedly Built for ‘Law & Order Toronto’ Set Gets Mixed Reactions
‘So Deaf to Tone’ Fake Camp Reportedly Built for ‘Law & Order Toronto’ Set Gets Mixed Reactions

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is said to have set up a fake camp in the Secret Annex, which provoked mixed reactions from the local population.

On Monday, @observinthecity shared a photo on X of an encampment showing several tents in the middle of Bickford Park with multiple signs pinned to them reading “housing is a human right” and “evictions kill.”

In response, many users are divided over the way the city is depicted, with some saying it is in “bad taste.”

“On one hand, yes. But on the other hand, I prefer a fake camp over filming a real camp. The most important thing is what the episode is about. Is it going to further dehumanize people who are homeless or is it something else,” said one X user.

“Sigh… they should just make a big donation after the recording,” said another user.

“So deaf to the tone, considering the amount of real camps. But I expect nothing less from a copaganda show,” said another user.

Others, however, believe that the film set is not a problem.

“The show has dealt with other issues in Toronto in a respectful manner,” said one X user.

“It’s a movie set. They turned a house on Pape into a horror house for “It”. Wasn’t real. Wasn’t trying to offend anyone. A movie set. They’ll clean it up and remove it when they’re done,” another user wrote.

“Unfortunately they are a reality in this city so it’s only fair to include them,” said another user.

The local television series follows a specialized team of detectives as they tackle high-profile murders in the Greater Toronto Area. The cases in the series are inspired by some of the country’s hottest scandals and headlines in politics, high finance, real estate and more.

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Filming began this month after it was announced in June that the series would be renewed for two seasons.

Now Toronto has contacted Law and Order Toronto to confirm the encampments, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

In May, the city released its updated encampment strategy and measures to support homeless people. The approach was based on feedback from the public, stakeholders, and recommendations from the city’s ombudsman.

The city said that 28 of the 31 recommendations in the Ombudsman’s report have been implemented so far.

“Camps are a symptom of the affordable housing crisis, a demand for shelter that exceeds supply and other social crises such as mental health issues and drug intoxication,” a press release said.

In the report, the city focused on five key recommendations: expanding the outreach model used at Dufferin Grove and Allan Gardens to additional encampments, exploring new service models as part of the Homelessness Services Capital Infrastructure Strategy, improving shelter safety by developing a Shelter Safety Action Plan, increasing permanent housing options, and securing more funding from other governments for additional support.