Southwold Township Mayor Expects Population to Double in Next Decade

Southwold Township Mayor Expects Population to Double in Next Decade
Southwold Township Mayor Expects Population to Double in Next Decade

A small town southwest of London, Ontario, is undergoing a transformation.

Southwold Township has experienced a 10 percent population growth in recent years, and officials expect the population to double in the next decade.

“We’re just under 5,000 (people), maybe just at 5,000,” said Grant Jones, Mayor of Southwold. “So maybe 10,000 (in) ten years.”

A major contributor to that growth is large companies, such as Amazon’s new facility in Talbotville.

“We’re trying to drive industrial growth, and for industrial growth you need residential growth to attract businesses,” Jones said.

With prosperity and expansion comes the need for new services. The city has begun construction on a new fire station in Talbotville, which will include a new entrance from Highway 3.

Representatives from Southwold Township, Southwold Fire Dept. and Baribeau Construction break ground for a new fire station in Talbotville, Ontario on Saturday, July 6, 2024. (Credit: Brent Lale/CTV London)

“We currently have a two-bay fire station and three fire engines,” said Southwold Fire Chief Jeff MacArthur.

“The new hall will have a drive-through based on the capacity for six devices for future growth. It will have a training room, office space and good toilets.”

The total cost of this project is a modest $4.3 million, which is considerably less than many of the new halls built in other surrounding communities. One reason for this is that the family of the late Bob McCaig donated the three acres of land.

The land once belonged to the Ford Motor Company, which sparked Southwold’s growth almost sixty years ago.

“That clearly encouraged some growth at the time and led to this (fire) station being built,” MacArthur said.

A new $4.3 million fire station is being built in Talbotville, Ontario to meet the community’s future needs (Source: Southwold Township)

“Here we are with a new development to incorporate into the new Amazon facility down Sunset (Road) that in a way brought that same development and growth back to South Township. It’s interesting that it’s even on the same property.”

The progress in the township is clear to see. Drive down Optimist Drive in Talbotville and you’ll see hundreds of homes under construction, and the Dream Lottery has even chosen that location as the site for a Dream Home in 2022.

They tore down their old baseball field and built a brand new one, along with a soccer field and other amenities for the residents.

“It’s a very busy time for us, especially the staff and the council, because there’s a lot going on,” Jones said.

“We look at our wastewater treatment plant that we built five, six years ago and it’s already running at full capacity. We’re very excited about the future because it’s going to be really busy.”