Princess Anne’s health: Horse incident ‘much more serious’ than we’re being told

Princess Anne’s health: Horse incident ‘much more serious’ than we’re being told
Princess Anne’s health: Horse incident ‘much more serious’ than we’re being told

According to Lady Victoria Hervey, the recent incident involving Princess Anne’s horse was “much more serious” than the public was told.

The princess was discharged from Southmead Hospital in Bristol after being treated for “minor injuries and concussion”.

Anne was walking on her Gatcombe Park estate when the incident, which was “comparable to being kicked or headbutted by a horse”, occurred.

Speaking to GBN America, Hervey claimed the princess’s injuries were “much more serious” than what palace officials had revealed.

Lady Victoria Hervey says Princess Anne incident was ‘much more serious’ than royal fans were told


Discussing the incident with presenter Nana Akua, Hervey said: “It was something where we were told not to worry, that it would be okay and that it wasn’t serious.

“But I think with her (Anne) it’s actually much more serious than it could have been.”

Hervey revealed information from a source “close to the Royal Family” to GBNA that Princess Anne had been “unconscious for a considerable period of time” before she was found.

Hervey added: “She was unconscious for quite some time before anyone found her, and she’s completely lost her memory and doesn’t know what happened. I would say that’s pretty serious.”

The Princess Royal spent almost a week in hospital after a ‘horse-related incident’


When asked by Nana if she knows whether Princess Anne was on or next to a horse when the incident occurred, Hervey admitted that it is “not known for certain” how close the princess was to the horse before she was injured.


Hervey recalls: “That’s the part that’s not known, but it looks like she may have been kicked in the head and was unconscious for a while.

“And she just can’t remember exactly what happened to her.”

When asked if the royal family is “rallying around Anne” after her husband Sir Timothy Laurence and daughter Zara Tindall were spotted visiting her in hospital, Hervey said Anne’s family is “super close” and helping her through her recovery.

Hervey told GBNA: “Their family is very close and her children Zara and Peter will be there. I’m sure Mike (Tindall) will be there with their children as well.

Lady Victoria Hervey says Princess Anne is ‘super close’ to her children and they will help her with her recovery

GBN America

“It feels like the royal family is really taking a beating. This is a family with a very high life expectancy, there hasn’t been much illness in the family for a while.

“And suddenly, one by one, each member becomes ill.”

Nana shared her thoughts on the royal family’s recent ill health, suggesting that ‘stress’ may have been a ‘major contributing factor’.

Nana replied: “Stress does cause illness, we know that, and the royal family will undoubtedly be under a lot of stress.”