Safety glass 200 times stronger than normal glass can prevent burglary crime

Safety glass 200 times stronger than normal glass can prevent burglary crime
Safety glass 200 times stronger than normal glass can prevent burglary crime

In 2023, there were 7,643 burglaries in Toronto. According to Toronto police, there was a 40 percent increase in burglaries in early 2024.

For businesses and homeowners, a break-in means a mess to clean up, broken doors and windows, potential theft and increased insurance premiums.

A company that has been selling security products for nearly 40 years says break-ins are currently a major problem for many businesses.

“I’ve never seen it this bad. Right now crime is on the rise and it’s just going to keep going up,” said Tom Reimer of Metalex Security Products in Scarborough.

One of the most common forms of burglary is the ‘smash and grab’, where thieves break a window or door, grab anything they can and leave within a minute.

Reimer said his company develops products that deny thieves access in the first place.

Reimer said his company makes several products, including metal screens that can be placed on windows to keep children from falling out of apartment complexes, or on doors to keep criminals from entering.

“Windows are vulnerable. Thieves can break a window and then break in and take what they want,” Reimer said.

The company also sells a product called rock glass, which Reimer said is 200 times stronger than regular glass. You can hit it with a hammer, baseball bat or sledgehammer and it won’t break.

During a demonstration, the company invited CTV News Toronto to come over and I was allowed to use various objects, including a baseball bat and a sledgehammer, to hit a metal bulldog screen, a window, and a rock glass door. The screen and glass did not break.

Another problem for businesses is jewelry display case robberies. Thieves often enter a store with hammers, smash the glass and then make off with watches, rings and other expensive items.

“They shoot the jewelry box two or three times, the glass breaks, they grab it and run away,” Reimer said.

Reimer said he made a jewelry box out of rock glass to demonstrate that it would not break even after multiple blows with a sledgehammer.

“You can hit the display case as hard as you want and the glass won’t break,” Reimer said.

Reimer said he is working with jewelry companies to get the message across that the new display cases can help prevent theft.

Many of the security products can be used in residential or commercial applications, and the cost varies. According to Reimer, it costs about $1,500 to equip a commercial front door with rock glass.

According to Reimer, using unbreakable security products can protect businesses and homes and reduce the costs of theft, including lower insurance premiums.

Many thieves break into businesses to steal point of sale items and then return thousands of dollars to themselves. Another popular target for thieves is power tools, which are often sold on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji after being stolen.