Support arts and culture this summer – Our Communities

Support arts and culture this summer – Our Communities
Support arts and culture this summer – Our Communities

Winnipeg North

Winnipeg is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and there are many special events and institutions that make our city a great place to live.

With summer just around the corner, I’d like to highlight two Winnipeg gems that have been around for over half a century: Rainbow Stage and Folklorama.

Winnipeg’s arts and culture community is vital to our city. It’s good for the local economy and, more importantly, it provides opportunities for many people.

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Kevin Lamoureux (right), MP for Winnipeg North, appears at the premiere of Rainbow Stage’s Ma-Boohay! with creator Joseph Sevillo (center) and Tyndall Park MLA Cindy Lamoureux.

Celebrating 70 years, Rainbow Stage is the longest-running outdoor theatre of its kind in Canada. A little over a week ago, I attended the opening night of Rainbow Stage’s 2024, featuring the world premiere of Ma-Boohay!an all-Filipino musical theatre production created here in Winnipeg.

Joseph Sevillo is the director and creator of the production, and he has done an excellent job. Ma-Boohay!is about a “star on the rise” competition between three very different people, who will entertain you with beautiful singing and dancing. It is scheduled to run at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park until July 14th. The second show of Rainbow Stage is the ever popular Maria Poppinswhich will open on August 15 and can be visited until September 1.

Folklorama is Winnipeg’s annual festival of nations, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Each year, Folklorama’s many pavilions, featuring cultural exhibits, music and dance performances, and food and beverages, attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, host hundreds of artists, and serve more than half a million meals. Its economic impact is well over $10 million, a figure that doesn’t include the many other benefits, including the roles played by an estimated 20,000 volunteers. Although Folklorama’s shows are only performed for a week or so, hundreds of hours of rehearsal go into their creation.

This year’s Folklorama has 38 pavilions and will run from August 4 to 17.

Summers in Winnipeg are short and there is no shortage of things to do. In recent years I have really enjoyed going to Lake Winnipeg and enjoying the outdoors.

Most days in the summer I spend near my home, meeting many different people in many different settings. But for many reasons I feel it is important to support our arts and culture community. I hope you will too.

Kevin Lamoureux
Winnipeg North MP constituency report

Kevin Lamoureux is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North.

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