Ironman Canada announces event leaves Penticton for Ottawa

Ironman Canada announces event leaves Penticton for Ottawa

Ironman Canada has announced that this will be its final year in the Okanagan.

It was announced on Tuesday that the triathlon event will move to Ottawa after this year, following a final event in Penticton next month.

The City of Penticton first hosted the full Ironman triathlon from 1983 to 2021, and then started it again in 2022. However, due to wildfires, the 2023 event was cancelled.

Penticton was the first Ironman event held in North America and only the third outside of Hawaii. The event ran from 1983 to 2021.

Ironman Canada says it is “grateful for the great partners” it has had in Penticton to help organize and build on the event’s legacy.

City of Penticton Mayor Julius Bloomfield called the decision disappointing, but said the city and all visiting athletes can fully enjoy the Penticton experience in August.

“We know that Ironman has been pushing back and canceling other events around the world in recent years, so the decision is a reflection of the challenges they face and not Penticton’s ability to host successful events,” Bloomfield said in a statement.

“Our team will continue to look for new events that invite visitors to share our incredible beauty and spirit.”

Bloomfield said the city’s events staff continues to look for opportunities to expand the city’s event offerings.

The final Ironman event in Penticton will take place on August 25.