Annie Hamilton is in her ‘slut era’ on her latest female rage anthem –

Annie Hamilton is in her ‘slut era’ on her latest female rage anthem –

Sunny goth princess Annie Hamilton released her latest single today and we’re ready for her new ‘slut era’.

Eora-based singer Annie Hamilton has given us a fuzzy mix of indie rock instrumentals and alt-pop melodies on her latest single ‘Slut Era’.

The female rage anthem, released today, heralds a new “era” for Hamilton’s music in 2024.

After the recent single ‘Talk’ and the 2022 debut solo album ‘the future is here, but it feels a bit like the past’, ‘Slut Era’ is the latest album in Hamilton’s discography that addresses the complexities of being a woman today.

“It’s a commentary on the Madonna/whore complex, the inevitable pressures of social media and the inherent biases that women and people who identify as women face,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton manages to capture a vulnerability that is somehow sexy in this grungy track. ‘Slut Era’ is a perfect balance that evokes the performative nature of being a woman in the digital age.

Like many of us who have succumbed to the cyclical dopamine rush of social media, the ‘slut era’ is a vulnerable expression of the need to be ‘shareable, vulnerable, fuckable’ and ‘relatable’ in order to satisfy our need to be loved.

‘Slut Era’ opens with a gasp and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Like a siren, you’re lured in by Hamilton’s hauntingly angelic vocals, but you can never quite trust the facade she puts up.

Annie’s addictive stage presence, praised by Rolling Stone, has catapulted her into the international spotlight. From London to the stage of New York’s Night School in 2022, she’s also toured with the likes of The National, Julia Jacklin, Luke Hemmings, Lime Cordiale, Jack River and Mallrat.

We at Happy can’t wait to see what else this sunny goth singer has in store as she prepares for the release of her next album.

Listen to ‘slut era’ here.