Bull, 2 horses euthanized during Calgary Stampede rodeo competition

Bull, 2 horses euthanized during Calgary Stampede rodeo competition

A third animal was euthanized during the Calgary Stampede rodeo competition.

According to the Stampede, a bull was injured during a steer wrestling match Monday night.

“Immediate medical attention was provided. After assessment, the veterinarian made the humane decision to euthanize the bull,” the statement said.

“We are doing everything we can to develop our programs to minimize risk. This was a very unusual and unfortunate incident.”

A covered wagon horse that was injured in a covered wagon race on Friday has also been euthanized.

And another horse, ridden by a lead rider during Saturday’s chuckwagon event, was euthanized after being injured.

“The nature and severity of the injury were not determined until the animal left the track, at which time medical assistance was immediately dispatched,” the Stampede said.

“After a thorough investigation and in close consultation between the owner and the veterinary team, the humane decision was made to put the horse to sleep.”

The Stampede has expressed its condolences to the animals’ owners and says it is doing everything it can to minimize the risk.

The Stampede began implementing changes to the sport in 2020 after six horses died during rodeo events the year before.

It implemented a program that ensured that only fit and healthy animals participated. Each animal is inspected by a veterinarian every day, and chuckwagon horses are given mandatory rest days and random drug tests.

The Vancouver Humane Society has released a statement calling for an end to the Stampede’s animal events.

“How many more animals will die in these events before the Calgary Stampede does the right thing and makes them a thing of the past?” said Emily Pickett of the animal shelter in a press release.

Another 105 animals were said to have died during the Stampede’s rodeo and wagon races since the association began keeping track of deaths in 1986.