Brixton man ‘threatened ex with acid after he thought he got chlamydia from her’

Brixton man ‘threatened ex with acid after he thought he got chlamydia from her’
Brixton man ‘threatened ex with acid after he thought he got chlamydia from her’

A Brixton man who thought his ex-lover gave him chlamydia strangled her and threatened to throw acid at her, she has alleged. Keenan Smart has been accused of being in a controlling and coercive relationship with a woman – whom MyLondon has chosen not to name – and strangling her, after he discovered she was talking to another man while they were, according to her, no longer together.

At Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday (June 9), the complainant told the jury she had been with Mr Smart, 25, of Poplar Road, for around eight years, but broke things off on her birthday in August 2023 and changed her phone number . The jury saw evidence, four months later, that Mr Smart messaged her on Instagram in January this year to ask her about his positive STI test.

While the messages mainly focused on chlamydia, one said ‘I think it’s time I rise up on you if you do not want to take what I say seriously’. Later, Mr Smart called the complainant 80 times. During one call, on January 10, she claimed he threatened her. “We had a conversation and he said he was coming to my house right now and that was when the acid threat came,” she said in her evidence.

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Inner London Crown Court on Newington Causeway in Southwark(Image: Google)

After the alleged threat, the complainant said she got herself signed off from work and did not return. Asked if she had actually given Mr Smart chlamydia, she said ‘No’, and added ‘My tests were clear’, claiming they last had sex in August 2023, when they split up.

The complainant also accused Mr Smart of inviting her to a park, where he was with his new partner, and slapping her and throwing a bottle of water over her, which she believed was acid. “He slapped me and threw a liquid,” she told the court, “In our relationship he said it once (that he would throw acid) and then he said it again (on the phone call).”

The complainant also said she discovered Mr Smart was allegedly seeing another woman for around seven years after going through his phone earlier in the relationship, but regularly looking at his private messages. Her own sexual relationship, with a man called KK, was also revealed during their time together, but she denied lying about it to Mr Smart.

‘He slapped me up’

After their breakup in August 2023, the complainant said she ‘rekindled’ things with Mr Smart and stayed over the night at his house, in his bed, but did not sleep with him. While she was asleep, Mr Smart looked through her phone and reacted furiously when he found she was talking to his love-rival, KK, it was alleged.

Asked about his reaction, the complainant tearfully alleged: “He went crazy and he slapped me up. He was hitting me across my face and when I tried to grab my phone from him he grabbed my arm and squeezed it so tight my bracelet broke. I was begging him to go home.”

Asked about the alleged strangulation, she told the jury: “He did not want to hear what I was saying so he got angry and strangled me.” Later she added: “Every time I was trying to talk he would slap me and tell me to shut up so he could carry on going through my phone.”

Complainant ‘fake pregnancy scan’

Under cross examination by the defence, the complainant said she had been with Mr Smart ‘on and off’ for around eight years, and blamed ‘the majority’ of their arguments on him. Asked if she had lied about having cancer to him, she claimed she had been diagnosed but underwent surgery for treatment. She was also asked if she had faked a pregnancy.

Though she admitted showing her sister’s pregnancy scan to Mr Smart, instead of her own, she denied this was deceitful as she had ‘at one stage’ been pregnant herself, she claimed. “It’s part of what, I suggest, was you, at times, manipulating him into believing you were pregnant,” said the defense counsel, arguing that his client had not been controlling or coercive.

Asked about relationship with KK by the prosecution, in relation to messages between them, the complainant said she was ‘just talking’ with him at some point after February 2023. But asked further about her relationship with KK, she told the court they had sexual intercourse two times prior to the stage when the she claimed they were ‘just talking’.

This led the defence to accuse her of lying. In response, she clarified: “When we saw the messages we were not having sex. I had sex with him on two occasions previous to the messages.”

The defence suggested the complainant was ‘playing games’ and said ‘You know very well what I have been asking about’. She accused him of ‘not making it very clear’. She then added: “I did not lie. At that precise moment we were just talking.”

‘I was not with him’

The defence then suggested it had been the complainant who was unfaithful to Mr Smart. After looking at her messages, Mr Smart got in touch with KK, who admitted sleeping with the complainant. After this, the complainant admitted sleeping with KK on one occasion. But, she told the jury she had not lied by ‘withholding information’ about another liaison with him.

The defence then pointed to messages from the complainant, admitting she had slept with another man. One of those said ‘I’m not going to try to justify it, because there’s nothing that can justify it’. Accused of going behind Mr Smart’s back by the defence, she hit back: “I was not with him. I was not in a relationship when I slept with another boy.”

Under questioning from the prosecution, the complainant alleged Mr Smart had forced her to leave a nightclub in Clapham by calling her on the phone, and threatening to hurt her family, in October 2023. The defence suggested Mr Smart often made calls due to his concern about the complainant’s epilepsy combined with alcohol. She said this was ‘an excuse’ to control her.

The defence asked the complainant if Mr Smart had contacted her between August 2023, when they broke up, and January 2024, when he asked her about chlamydia, and she said ‘No’. This led the defence to conclude she had misremembered the nightclub incident, which, it was argued, could only have happened in October 2022.

On the alleged acid attack threat, the defence admitted some of the messages had been unpleasant, but there was no evidence other than the complainant’s word. The defence also accused the complainant of ‘often having the upper hand’ in the relationship and never letting him visit her home. She said this was due to her religion.

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