Shocking reason why Australians are fleeing London

Shocking reason why Australians are fleeing London

London seems to be losing its charm for Australian expats, with many expressing concern after an influencer explained why she returned after living there.

Pop star Ed Sheeran has raised issues of crime in London after being questioned about it on comedian Theo Von’s podcast. “I would say every area in London … is sketchy,” Sheeran told Von. “The nice areas are sketchy; the bad areas are sketchy.” Londoners have continued to talk about the rise in crime in the city, with petty crimes going unreported due to a perception that police are unable to do anything about them.

Popular TikTokker Emily Brogan told her 520,000+ followers about the terrifying events that happened to her and what she heard from other people in the British capital that made her feel unsafe.

Emily said she still loved London, but it had become too “stingingly stinging” to stay there.

She told a story about a neighbor who was robbed even though she had stepped out of her house to get a second helping of food.

An Australian influencer has revealed she is returning home after living in London since last year, citing the city’s worrying crime rate as a major factor in her decision. Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

“She told me she was emptying the recycling bins and she was standing three feet from the front door. She left the door open… she was standing three feet from her own apartment,” Emily explained in a TikTok video.

“And the same goes for me: I empty the trash and leave the doors open, which in retrospect might be stupid.

“But she tells me that someone literally walked into her apartment and said, ‘Adios.’ Her stuff was stolen while she was three feet from her door.”

Emily also said she “wasn’t the same” and had “so much anxiety” after her phone and bag were stolen twice within a month.

“I’m not overly paranoid… I honestly think that’s one of the reasons why I’m really going home – the weather, I want a change and I don’t feel safe here in London,” she said.

“I still love London, but it’s very prickly. Luckily nothing happened to me.”

TikToker Emily Brogan said her phone was stolen twice and she lost her bag in the space of a month in London. Photo: TikTok

Emily said she still loved London but it had become too “stingingly stinging” to stay there. Photo: TikTok

Many viewers responded positively to Emily’s experiences in the comments, including fellow countrymen who chose to move back home.

“I feel this so much. I’m Australian and have lived in London for over 10 years. I’m moving back at the end of this year. I used to feel so safe but not for the last few years. The stories you hear are insane!” said one.

“My family moved to Australia from the UK and my parents are still so sad about how much things have changed there. Australia isn’t perfect but I feel so much safer here,” said another.

“Literally move back to Australia. I was born and raised in London but moved there for this reason. I’m moving to Australia for a new job. Trust me, this country is gone,” said a third.

Knife crime in London continues to pose a threat to the city, following a 20 per cent increase between 2022 and 2023.

Pop star Ed Sheeran raised concerns about the city’s worrying crime rate in a recent appearance on Theo Von’s podcast This Past Weekend. Photo: YouTube

In the six-day period between 3 and 8 July, eight men were stabbed in London. One man was killed in Walthamstow, east London.

Pop star Ed Sheeran recently raised concerns about the city’s worrying crime rate in an interview with Theo Von on his podcast This Past Weekend.

“I would say every area of ​​London. Literally, every area is sketchy. The nice areas are sketchy, the bad areas are sketchy. But you just don’t do stupid things,” he said.

“If you’re walking around with, I don’t know, a Louis Vuitton bag and a 200 grand watch, you’re going to get robbed. But just don’t do that.”