Koodo paints Montreal Heritage House in neon, city pulls off stunt • iPhone in Canada Blog

Koodo paints Montreal Heritage House in neon, city pulls off stunt • iPhone in Canada Blog
Koodo paints Montreal Heritage House in neon, city pulls off stunt • iPhone in Canada Blog

Image via Reddit

How far will companies go to create a publicity stunt? Breaking news from Telus-owned Koodo in Montreal saw city officials criticize the stunt, which involved painting a heritage home in neon colors.

Montreal city officials said the owner of a century-old house violated city rules by painting it bright neon colors for a Koodo advertisement.

A Toronto advertising agency recently transformed the Victorian-style duplex building into a large Koodo advertisement, painting it bright pink with accents of lime green, purple, teal and orange.

A sign that previously hung on the facade, reading “There is joy under this roof. Koodo Internet,” was removed last Thursday.

City spokesman Simon Charron confirmed that the publicity stunt was illegal and violated city ordinances. “It is important to note that city planning regulations prohibit the painting of bricks on the exterior of most buildings,” Charron told The Canadian press.

“Alterations to heritage buildings are also strictly regulated. In addition, there are rules for placing advertising in the urban landscape,” Charron added, noting that city inspectors would be sent to the property and a notice of violation would be issued to the owner.

Heritage Montreal has raised concerns about the new look of the house. The organization noted that the problem lies not in the choice of colors, but in their use to circumvent Montreal’s advertising regulations.

They pointed out that certain paints can damage masonry over time, and that removing or repainting them can be expensive and complex. “Therefore, while creative color choices can enhance aesthetics, it is critical to balance creativity with code compliance and consider the long-term impact on building materials,” the organization said.

A spokesperson for one of the companies involved in the advertising campaign said The Canadian Press that the campaign was organized by Toronto-based company Camp Jefferson and aimed to “create a memorable and joyful experience for the community.”

Isabelle Bonin of Plus Company, one of the companies involved in the campaign, explained that they sought and followed guidelines from a representative of the City of Montreal before moving forward. Bonin further stated that the house would be returned to its original state on July 8th and that they are adhering to all city regulations.

Above is a photo of the house painted in Koodo’s signature neon colors, with the advertising message emblazoned across it, in a photo shared over a week ago on Reddit.

“I was disappointed when I found out it was for an ad. I thought the owner had some guts and I didn’t mind,” the top commenter said. Reddit. “Me too. Cool, it’s less boring. For an ad? Disgusting… I hope it at least gives others some ideas,” another user replied.

The house, a “three-story Victorian duplex,” was light green before it became an ad for Koodo. According to, the house was built in 1870, although city records indicate it was built in 1910.