Ottawa Man Surprises With 40th Birthday Party At Value Village

Ottawa Man Surprises With 40th Birthday Party At Value Village

Although Tyler Garvey loves hunting for vintage bargains, he never expected to celebrate his 40th birthdaye birthday at a Value Village location.

“I feel like it’s an episode of Twilight Zone. I’m confused, I’m excited, I’m having a great time. This is just hilarious and fun,” Tyler said, surrounded by about two dozen friends and family members at the Value Village on Merivale Road.

“Only my mom could come up with something like this. She’s hilarious. She’s the best and this is one of my favorite places to go. I’m a nostalgic person and this is just amazing.”

His mother Joan organized the surprise party and invited a handful of people to the thrift store on Tuesday afternoon.

“He and his friends are all turning 40 this year, and a lot of them have been on big fishing trips and all these other fancy things, but this is one of his favorite things to do,” Joan Garvey said.

“So I said, I’m going to call the manager and see if we can do something here, and he was such a cool guy. He said, ‘Yeah! We’ll set up a table for you with housewares.'”

About two dozen people came by and partied in the middle of the store, while others continued shopping and helped throw a birthday party for the books. Proof that it takes a village to throw a surprise party at a thrift store.

“He’s just always there, always with a smile and always just great at helping out and having fun,” said Sean Everett, who helped set up the party.

“He has a huge, huge group of friends and a lot of people who love him.”

A crowd gathered at the Value Village on Merivale Road in Ottawa on Tuesday to celebrate Tyler Garvey’s 40th birthday. (Austin Lee/CTV News Ottawa)

Mother and son say scouring the city’s many thrift stores has become a weekly tradition.

“It kind of turned into a love affair, so we do it together now and we go every senior day. That’s our bonding experience,” Tyler said.

“It’s become a full-blown obsession and I love anything vintage. I’m a nostalgic person. I love old toys, video games, records, clothes and so it became a passion of mine.”

It is a passion he inherited from his mother.

During the party in the store’s homewares aisle, Tyler wore a 39-year-old pin from his very first birthday party in 1985.

“It’s really cool. I didn’t even know she kept it that way, I think that’s where my hoarding, thriftiness and predatory practices come from,” he said.

“If my mother kept this, that’s why I’m here. I blame her.”

“People think we’re a bit odd, I think, but we just love thrift stores. We chat, we look through the aisles, a lot of it is junk, but then you find the treasures that you keep coming back to,” Joan said.

“It all went really well today!”

Tyler’s enthusiasm for thrift stores is so great that the father of one recently started an Instagram account called @ThiftDaddy, where he posts his treasures for all to see, many of which were found at the Value Village location where he celebrated his birthday.

“I think it’s really cute. The funny thing is that most of the people who came here to the party are customers,” said Razan Batshoun, production manager of Merivale Value Village.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I know this guy, I know this woman!’ So it’s nice to see that.”