50 Cent cut his set at Montreal Beachclub to 20 minutes and fans are angry

50 Cent cut his set at Montreal Beachclub to 20 minutes and fans are angry
50 Cent cut his set at Montreal Beachclub to 20 minutes and fans are angry

Many fans of Montreal rapper 50 Cent say they were disappointed with his performance at the Beachclub last Sunday.

It wasn’t because they were embarrassed that his name was misspelled – well, not anyway only that. Instead, concertgoers are complaining because the rapper only performed for 20 minutes and apparently left the stage abruptly without explanation.


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“You guys ripped everyone off with this show! Waiting for hours for 20 minutes of 50 Cent.. wtf? We didn’t pay for DJs!” Instagrammer @omarbudagher responded to Beachclub’s post recapping the event.

“And then he left without telling anyone. That was the worst. Many people were left waiting for over an hour,” @enrick514 added.

The comments under that post — as well as TikTok videos of the show — are filled with attendees venting their anger and frustration and demanding their money back, with concertgoers claiming to have paid between $80 and $100 per ticket.

“20 minutes? Tickets for $100. (That’s) $5 a minute. I have nothing against Beachclub (…) but (cibole)“, said TikTok user Sylvain Giguere in a video posted by Beachclub owner Olivier Primeau.

Primeau replied, “Write to 50 (Cent), you know very well that I have no control over this.”

It’s still unclear why 50 Cent decided to make a 20-minute appearance, but we do know that later that night he went to local diner Yoko Luna to celebrate his birthday, which was the day before the event.

People who saw the hip-hop artist and businessman at the Festival d’été de Quebec in Quebec City on July 5 said he performed for an hour and a half or more.

Under a post about the rapper’s misspelled name at Beachclub, @eddy_lost took a guess as to why 50 Cent left the concert so quickly: “50 Cent saw (his name was misspelled) and decided to leave after only 20 minutes.”

It’s a valid theory, but it doesn’t seem likely.

When 50 Cent wrote about his time in Montreal, he didn’t seem the least bit offended by the “50 Cents” incident — or regret having “shortchanged” the audience.

“Man, my birthday (…) was the best this year, I had a great time in Canada. (…) It was 10,” he said.

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