Calgary Police Arrest 4 Men in Connection with July 2023 Kidnapping

Calgary Police Arrest 4 Men in Connection with July 2023 Kidnapping
Calgary Police Arrest 4 Men in Connection with July 2023 Kidnapping

Calgary police say four men have been charged in an 11-month investigation into a kidnapping last summer.

Police received a call at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, from a man who said his home had been broken into and a family member had been abducted at an unknown location.

The man said three strangers broke into his home in the 500 block of Fourth Avenue NE and attacked him at gunpoint. They robbed him and then left.

Investigators learned that the man’s attackers had contacted him by phone and demanded a ransom for the return of his relative.

Officers suspect the kidnapping was drug-related and say the kidnappers sent the man video updates.

The following evening, the victim was released with minor injuries and found by police in the city center.

Police arrested one man in connection with the incident at the time.

The subsequent investigation resulted in the identification of three additional suspects.

“Addressing organized crime-related violence in Calgary remains a top priority for our service. In this case, we deployed resources from 17 different divisions of the (Calgary Police Service),” a Tuesday news release said.

“In the months that followed, we continued to deploy numerous resources to locate and apprehend the suspects, and we worked with multiple law enforcement agencies in multiple jurisdictions to ensure the suspects were apprehended.”

The following people are charged in the investigation:

Salah Aden, 24, Mustafa Saeed, 23, Brandon Power, 22, and Mohit Sandhu, 22.

Aden was arrested in July 2023 but failed to appear at his November 2023 trial.

He has since been rearrested in Ontario and is due to appear in court on July 16.

Saeed is due to appear in court on July 15.

Power, arrested in Fort McMurray, is due in court on July 24.

Finally, Sandhu was arrested in Toronto. He is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Detective Inspector Shanon Scott says the incident shows that no matter how much time has passed or where the suspects flee, detectives will be committed to suppressing, investigating and enforcing violence that occurs in Calgary.

“We continue to investigate this type of criminal activity, even if it requires our officers to travel to another county to arrest suspects,” Scott said.

Scott said that historically, organized crime-related violence has been difficult to solve and that the answers often lie within the community.

“We know that much of the violence linked to organised crime is retaliatory and often stems from illicit drug trafficking and financial gain.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Calgary Police at 403-266-1234.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers.