Londoner on Lime bike chases ‘robbers’ in taxi for 2.5 miles while calling police

Londoner on Lime bike chases ‘robbers’ in taxi for 2.5 miles while calling police
Londoner on Lime bike chases ‘robbers’ in taxi for 2.5 miles while calling police

Watch: Lime cyclist chases ‘robbers’ 2.5 miles through London while calling police

A Londoner who chased two suspected muggers who fled in a black cab on a Lime bike has said he is no hero after being praised for his actions.

Andreas Gündüz, 30, filmed the 10-minute chase of the two suspects with his bodycam while he was on the electric rental bike.

He was cycling along Dean Street in Soho, central London, at around 9.25pm ​​on Saturday night when he saw the two men running away. One pushed the other, who tried to stop them, to the ground.

Gündüz followed the men until they got into a black taxi, then chased the taxi for another 4 kilometers.

Andreas Gündüz used a Lime bike to chase down two suspects. (Andreas Gündüz/TikTok)

Once the taxi was moving, he called the police to report a crime. Miraculously, he managed to stay within range of the vehicle and talk to the operator before the taxi eventually went out of range and the suspects were able to escape.

He posted his epic chase video to TikTok, where users were quick to praise him for his bravery.

But Gündüz, a sales manager from Bermondsey, told Yahoo News UK on Tuesday: “I’m not a hero.”

He said: “I wasn’t going to physically stop them. I was just following them on a bike. It’s not that heroic to chase someone on a Lime bike, I just think anyone can do that.

One of the suspects pushes a man to the ground in Soho, central London. (Andreas Gündüz/TikTok)

“Everyone can contribute a little bit to the difference. If everyone contributed a little bit, these kinds of things would happen a lot less often.”

According to Gündüz, it is unclear whether the man who was pushed to the ground at the start of the chase was the victim of a robbery or whether someone tried to stop the two men.

“I was already on the Lime bike, I just saw them running and it caught my attention,” he said.

“It’s really unbelievable how much phone theft and crime happens in broad daylight. I saw it and I just thought I could follow it and at least get some evidence.”

The suspects approach a black taxi before getting in. (Andreas Gündüz/TikTok)

Andreas Gündüz chased the robbers for 4 kilometers on a Lime bike. (TikTok/Andreas Gündüz)

Early in the chase, he stopped at an alley the two men had driven through, in case it was a dead end.

“I was aware that if they saw me chasing them, they could turn around and maybe attack me. But once they got out of that alley, they wanted to run away, they didn’t want to fight, so it’s almost not dangerous for me to follow them, except for falling off the bike, which almost happened a couple of times.”

After the men get into the taxi, the video shows Gündüz trying to call the emergency services. His first phone doesn’t work, so he calls with his second phone and gets through to him.

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Despite cycling furiously to keep up with the taxi, he manages to give the operator the license plate number of the vehicle and the license plate number. He also gives a description of the two men. He says they are white and in their twenties. One of them has a “s**t man bun”.

When the operator tells him that the police will be there within 15 minutes, Gündüz says, “Well, I can’t follow them forever.

“I don’t think I can follow them for 15 minutes, otherwise they will escape. I’m lucky with the light at the moment.”

A Londoner followed two suspected robbers on a Lime e-bike. (Andreas Gündüz/TikTok)

At one point a police car drives by with sirens blaring, but it drives in a different direction.

The chase took him through Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, Tavistock Square, Euston Station and all the way north to Camden.

At the end of the video, when the chase is over, Gündüz tells the camera: “We tried, better luck next time.”

He said he would provide the footage to police. Yahoo News UK has asked the Metropolitan Police for comment.

Gündüz was hailed as a hero on TikTok, with one user saying: “Elite Lime cycling skills.”

Another wrote: “Buddy, you are so amazing for doing all that. We need more people like you.”