Woman banned from flying from Thailand to London over ‘small tear’ in passport – World News

Woman banned from flying from Thailand to London over ‘small tear’ in passport – World News
Woman banned from flying from Thailand to London over ‘small tear’ in passport – World News

Rosie Viscomi has been forced to pay hundreds of pounds to receive emergency documents and a new flight to the UK after she was denied a return flight to London

Rosie Viscomi, 27, was stranded in Thailand after a problem with her passport(Kennedy News and Media)

A yoga teacher was left stranded and crying at a Thai airport after she was denied boarding an expensive flight home because of a “small” tear in her passport.

Rosie Viscomi, 27, has said she was due to fly back to London from Bangkok on Thursday, July 4, but was denied boarding after airlines had issues with her passport. She had booked a multi-stop flight back to the UK via India and Turkey, costing her £370.

But she was left crying at Suvarnabhumi Airport after IndiGo Airlines staff refused to let her board, citing a “one-centimetre” tear on the photo page of the all-important document. Not only was she then stuck in the country, the yoga teacher was also told she was staying there illegally.

Rosie said she was not allowed to fly because of a 1cm tear in her passport(Kennedy News and Media)

The Norfolk-based dance and yoga teacher had been based on the Thai island of Koh Pha-ngan since April after completing her yoga qualification in India, where Rosie learned more about yoga and did some volunteer work before deciding to return to the UK.

Despite claiming she had extended her visa a few days earlier, Rosie said she was told at the airport that her visa had expired. She is panicking and fears arrest. She has been in contact with Thai immigration and the British embassy in recent days to arrange her safe return home, but the process is costing her hundreds of pounds.

Rosie said she was told Indian authorities would not let her in, despite her having had no problems entering other countries before. Rosie said: “When I went to catch my flight on Thursday they said ‘you’re not going anywhere with that thing’, referring to a small tear in my passport and I said ‘well it was already like that’.

The yoga teacher said she was left crying at the airport after being kicked off the flight(Kennedy News and Media)
Rosie had traveled to India to learn yoga and do volunteer work(Kennedy News and Media)

“They told me that India won’t let me in and that I have to book a direct flight from Bangkok to London. So far I haven’t had any problems travelling. I already had a tear in my passport when I got here, I’m not sure if it’s gotten bigger, it’s not that bad. It’s about an inch on the main page where my photo is. I’ve been to America and Jamaica with it and it was fine.

“I missed my flight which cost around £370. I have had to apply for emergency documents and am praying I can now get back. I am basically out of money – I have not factored in these extra costs. Immigration say they can charge me £320 on top of the flight cost for overstaying my visa.”