When to expect Ivan Demidov in Montreal

When to expect Ivan Demidov in Montreal

We’re now in the thick of the summer heat for NHL news, but there are still a number of Montreal Canadiens topics worth a quick podcast discussion. Patrik Bexell and I got together on Monday to discuss a few things, starting with the team’s recent development camp in Brossard.

Michael Hage, Florian Xhekaj and Jacob Fowler were the players that stood out the most for us, and we discuss how we think they performed in the short away game. Quite a few big names were absent, but they will instead get their chance to shine at the rookie camp in September.

One player who was not at development camp, and was never expected to be, was Ivan Demidov. We also know he will not be at rookie or main camp this year, as his season has already started in Russia. The question for many fans is when exactly they will be able to see him in North America again, so we are trying to explore all options for when and how he might find himself in Montreal.

There is a small chance, depending on KHL playoff results, that he will be available before this season is over. If that doesn’t happen, we will have to wait until next season at least, but his eventual arrival will remain a hot topic until it actually happens.

And if it happens, we will think about the value of adding another Russian to the team, whether it is a player or a coach, to help Demidov adapt to North America. Perhaps a very popular option among fans would be to try to recruit a certain Russian general to the coaching staff, someone who is quite familiar with the Montreal market.

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2:37 – Development Camp
3:25 – Michael Hage
07:45 – Jacob Fowler
14:10 – Alexander Zetterberg and the Media Scrums
18:15 – Commercial break
18:20 – Ivan Demidov, Timeline and which Russian League
32:00 – Should another Russian be added to the team to help Demidov adjust to North America?