Regina woman sent to Noah Kahan concert after TikTok went viral

Regina woman sent to Noah Kahan concert after TikTok went viral
Regina woman sent to Noah Kahan concert after TikTok went viral

Social media has the power to change almost anything. For Katie Boucher, it took a tragic story and gave it a happy ending.

Boucher, 24, and her girlfriend Cassidy, 23, are big fans of American singer-songwriter Noah Kahan. The pair missed his show in Saskatoon in March and were willing to travel a long distance to make up for it. They chose the show in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 7 because it’s less than a 12-hour drive away.

Unfortunately, the trip ended terribly.

Boucher said drugs were spiked in her drink during the concert.

The women were separated when Boucher failed to return to her seat at the start of the show.

She said Cassidy kept calling her and eventually spoke to a security guard on the other end.

“They said, ‘You have to come here because your friend is not doing well,’” Boucher said.


The duo left the concert and headed back to their hotel, missing most of the show.

Boucher said she couldn’t remember anything that happened, but Cassidy told her everything the next morning.

“I woke up the next day and thought, ‘That wasn’t normal,'” she said. “I knew something was definitely wrong because when I woke up the next day, I realized I hadn’t had much to drink, but I still felt drunk. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve had a drink before that was mixed and it felt the same.”

Boucher said she initially had doubts about her experience, but quickly learned the situation was not her fault.

“It’s not something that happened to me — it’s something that happened to me,” she said. “I feel like a lot of victims experience that kind of guilt and shame and self-blame, but it wasn’t your fault. Someone did that to you. That was hard to process.”

She said she wants to remind everyone to be careful because alcohol can be quickly and easily mixed into a drink.

“It could happen to anyone at any time,” Boucher said. “I just have so much sympathy for the victims and understanding.”

During the long drive home, the pair made a quick TikTok video about the experience, without thinking much about it. They certainly didn’t expect Kahan to see it himself, but the “Stick Season” singer was quick to reach out.


I will never get over this loss @Noah Kahan @Cassidy

♬ You’re Going Far – Noah Kahan

“He responded on TikTok, and then he followed me and reached out to me via direct message,” Boucher said. “He was really sorry and wanted to make it up to us if we were okay with it. He offered to give us tickets to another show.”

Boucher said she was nervous about going to the next concert, knowing that the feelings and emotions of the last concert might come flooding back. But she also knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I’m a normal person, it seems like a celebrity will never contact me again,” she said.

The rest of the tour dates were all in America, and Boucher chose Washington because it was only a 15-hour drive. But Kahan had other plans.

“He said, ‘I’ll tell you what. If you buy the plane tickets, I’ll compensate you for it,'” she said. “So he paid for our flights to Washington and for our tickets, which was very nice of him.”

The women flew to Ridgefield, Washington for the concert on July 1.

Boucher called the experience unforgettable.


Replying to @noahkahanmusic This show meant the world to us Thank you so much to Noah and his team @Cassidy

♬ original sound – katie boucher

“It was surreal,” she said.

“I used the song “You’re Gonna Go Far” on our TikTok, and when we heard it live, we both started crying because it felt like a full circle moment.

“We finally saw it and were in the right mindset to see it. It was amazing.”

Boucher said social media helped her turn a terrible situation into a great one.

“It started off really bad and then it quickly became amazing,” she said. “That was the beauty of TikTok.”