‘Long road to recovery’ – Winnipeg Free Press

‘Long road to recovery’ – Winnipeg Free Press

A Winnipeg couple who were seriously injured when a semi-trailer truck crashed into the back of their SUV survived, in what their family describes as a miracle.

Carli and Marcus Paetzold, whose dog Oakley also survived the crash, have a long road ahead of them after their vehicle was crushed between two trucks Friday morning when they came to a stop at Lagimodiere Boulevard and East Mint Place.

“Carli suffered numerous broken bones, a fractured vertebra and a shattered vertebra, as well as other injuries,” her niece Emily Guenther wrote in a statement posted on a GoFundMe page. “She underwent surgery to fuse her spine, which was successful. Surgeons noted that she was incredibly lucky not to have been left paralyzed.”

Carli, a nurse in the maternity ward, was in critical condition when she was taken by STARS ambulance to a hospital in the city.


The scene of the accident after Carli and Marcus Paetzold’s vehicle was crushed between two trucks when they came to a stop at Lagimodiere Boulevard and East Mint Place Friday morning.

Marcus, a paramedic, was taken to the hospital by ambulance with a severe concussion, bruises and lacerations and was released Saturday to continue his recovery at home, Guenther wrote.

“Together they have a long road to recovery ahead of them,” she added.

Oakley got out of the SUV but was tracked down by a good Samaritan. The dog was “miraculously unharmed,” Guenther wrote.

“We are all still in awe that he came out of that vehicle completely unscathed,” she added.

Guenther said the Paetzolds look back on their faith and “respond with resilience and hope” despite the tragic experience and their serious injuries.

“Together they still have a long road to recovery.”–Emily Guenther

“They know God is not finished with their story and trust that He will sustain them in the days, weeks and months ahead,” she wrote. “The Paetzolds have selfless hearts and a desire to serve others in their respective careers, Marcus as a paramedic and Carli as a maternity nurse. They will be missed at their workplaces as they take significant time off to physically recover.”

Carli is expected to remain in hospital for some time.

“Please continue to pray for pain management and recovery so Carli can return home in the coming weeks,” Guenther wrote. “Praise the Lord for the many miracles we have seen!”

The GoFundMe page had raised more than $24,000 as of Monday afternoon. The funds will be used to help the couple, who are in their mid-20s, with expenses and needs as they arise.


Marcus and Carli Paetzold and their dog, Oakley, survived the crash, but the Paetzolds face a long recovery.

“They are positively overwhelmed by the support,” Guenther told the Free press“They are the people who always do things for others and never want help.”

Maryann Sumka, who worked with Carli for about five years at Sumka Brothers Greenhouses, agreed.

“This terrible thing shouldn’t happen to good people,” said Sumka, who was a manager at the garden center. “Carli is incredibly selfless — the kind of person who always makes you laugh.”

Winnipeg police declined to comment on possible factors involved in the crash or whether charges were being considered.

“We have no further updates or details to provide at this time,” a spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Officers from the WPS Traffic Department are investigating.

The truck that rear-ended the SUV was registered to Agam Container and Dray Services Ltd. Managing Director Dan Simcock said the company would not comment until the police investigation was complete.

Video footage that appears to show the collision from the perspective of a dash cam on a vehicle in the eastbound lanes of East Mint Place was widely shared on social media. The footage showed the SUV and a semi-truck in front of it slowing to a stop on northbound Lagimodiere at the traffic light. A semi-truck then rear-ended the SUV, pushing it into the back of the semi-truck, which was forced into the intersection. The eastbound traffic light turned green approximately two seconds later.

The semi that was pushed into the intersection is owned by TEAMS Transport. The TEAMS driver — and the Paetzolds — were stopped at a red light when the crash occurred, said Robert Cousins, the company’s safety manager.