Edmonton motorists face multiple construction delays

Edmonton motorists face multiple construction delays
Edmonton motorists face multiple construction delays

Construction of the Yellowhead began in 2019, but the masts will not be in place until 2024.

Some parts of the project will not be completed until 2027.

This was always intended to be a long-term project, but now motorists trying to avoid the work are likely to encounter delays elsewhere on their route.

Several major infrastructure projects are currently underway in Edmonton.

While the goal is to improve traffic flow in the long term, it can sometimes feel like the entire city is a construction zone.

Terwillegar Drive is the centre of work in Ward Pihêsiwin, the ward of Councillor Tim Cartmell.

The interchange with Terwillegar Drive and Whitemud, and the widening of the Rainbow Valley Bridge, have been causing delays for motorists for years.

Construction of Whitemud Drive on July 8, 2024. (Jeremy Thompson/CTV News Edmonton)

“We know it’s this year and next year, and hopefully we’ll be more or less done by then,” he told CTV News Edmonton on Monday.

“Nobody is happy when you’re stuck and crammed in like this, but they do see that there’s a horizon here, and that’s helpful.”

In the west, construction work on the Valley Line West LRT is causing headaches for motorists.

Cartmell believes builder Marigold Infrastructure Partners is doing motorists a disservice with its ‘all-in-one’ approach.

“The contractor there has taken out sections of road that they’re not working on. They should have waited, they didn’t organize that work properly and that’s adding to the frustration,” he said.

“People tolerate and accept a little bit of congestion if they see that in a year or two it’s going to be better here. It’s another thing if they’re fighting congestion and they can’t get where they want to go. And they don’t see any action, that’s just unbearable and, frankly, unacceptable.”

Like the Yellowhead Line, the Valley Line West will still be years in the making, but Cartmell hopes drivers will be patient.

“The worst will be this summer, and next summer, and then it just gets better and better.”

In the meantime, drivers are expected to allow extra time and obey all traffic signs and speed limits.

The city’s website has a map showing traffic disruptions.