Oilers fans get free game tickets from unknown

Oilers fans get free game tickets from unknown

There’s always something to be happy about when the Edmonton Oilers make good progress in the playoffs, but that’s especially true for the two lucky fans who got to enjoy the sights and sounds of Game 4 for free.

Connor Moor, an Oilers fan from Calgary, had planned to watch the game at a bar with his cousin who was visiting from Montreal for the night. The pair had drinks at Home & Away YEG and were waiting for the game to start when a stranger asked if they were going to the game.

Moor told the man they planned to watch the game from the restaurant, where he and his cousin had the happiest “right time, right place” moment.

“He said, ‘Do you want to go to the game?’ We said, ‘Yeah,’ and he slid two tickets forward and said, ‘Go have fun,'” Moor said. “I didn’t think it was real.”

Moor said they were skeptical about the authenticity of the tickets, but that it couldn’t hurt to check if they were real.

“And sure enough, we scanned our tickets and we were in. It was really amazing.”

Moor and his cousin stood in the second bowl at Rogers Place and unexpectedly cheered for the Oilers as they tied the series in Game 4.

Connor Moor got in for free to Game 4 between the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars after a stranger gave him and his cousins ​​tickets on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. (Marek Tkach/CTV News Edmonton)

The lucky fan said this wouldn’t be his first time attending a playoff game, but he did note the difference between seeing the Oilers play on home soil and in Calgary in 2022.

“The fan base is really off the charts compared to Calgary, everyone is wearing a jersey, everyone is excited,” he added.

According to Moor, the man, who reportedly works for Molson Brewery, was very pleasant to deal with and has the following message for the friendly stranger.

“Thank you so much. That was an incredible memory that I will cherish forever.”

“I think this is a big step for anyone who can’t afford tickets. It’s just a really special opportunity,” Moor said.

The Oilers will look to take the lead against the Dallas Stars in Game 5 on Friday night at 6:30 PM MT.