Victoria Hospitals Foundation reaches $10 million milestone in imaging campaign

Victoria Hospitals Foundation reaches  million milestone in imaging campaign

Community spirit and donors have enabled the Victoria Hospital Foundation to reach a major milestone for its Imaging is Power campaign.

More than 5,900 donors offered their support and $75,000 from Canada Life helped the campaign surpass the $10 million mark.

“We know how critical medical imaging equipment is in diagnosis and treatment. Canada Life is proud to support the Victoria Hospitals Foundation in their efforts to achieve better health outcomes and the highest quality of patient care for all residents of British Columbia,” said Stephanie Halligan, director of community relations at Canada Life, in a press release.

Six pieces of medical imaging equipment at Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital in View Royal, including a new computed tomography (CT) scanner, a new single photon emission computed tomography scan (SPECT) CT scanner and a new C-arm imaging machine for the cardiac catheterisation team, could be replaced. Three MRI machines will also be upgraded.

“I am proud of this project that we have started as a community,” said Dr. Alan Andrew, radiologist and medical director, Island Health Medical Imaging. “It is so rewarding to see MRI being reimagined using a method that is being used for the first time in Canada. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of the donors who made this possible.”

Imaging equipment often has to run 24/7 and is often seen as an essential part of patient care. Imaging is Power needs to add another $1 million to complete the campaign.

“This is our most innovative campaign to date. It was led by our radiologists – highlighting both a critical need within our hospitals and a cost-effective renovation solution that would revolutionize the next decade of scanning in a smart and thoughtful way. Our care teams join us in celebrating this campaign milestone and the incredible impact our community has had,” said Avery Brohman, CEO of Victoria Hospitals Foundation.