Heatwave continues, bringing little relief tonight

Heatwave continues, bringing little relief tonight
Heatwave continues, bringing little relief tonight

There will be little improvement tonight, as the Lower Mainland will be scorching hot during the day.

CityNews meteorologist Michael Kuss explains that while temperatures will drop to 16 to 18 degrees over the next few nights, this will only be short-lived.

“Short, it’s for a couple of hours,” Kuss said Monday. “There’s also the humidity, and that’s going to be the case again today.”

Kuss says Monday’s high of 33 degrees could feel more like 37 degrees in parts of the Lower Mainland.

“After sunset, temperatures will still be well into the twenties, but that won’t happen until 9:18 tonight.”

But according to Kuss, the weather will change in the coming days.

“There’s a little bit of a break as we head into the middle of the week. Wednesday will be a little cooler than today or tomorrow, but still above 20,” he said.

“Thursday is the coolest day, not only the maximums during the day, but also the minimums at night. That is much closer to the season, with maximums of 22 to 27 degrees and a mild or moderate minimum in the morning around 15. On Friday it starts to rise again and we are in warmer air again, at least towards the start of the weekend.”

Environment and Climate Change Canada extended its heat warning for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley on Monday morning, after the weather service issued the warning on Saturday.

“A strong ridge of high pressure over the region has brought very high temperatures. Daytime highs will be in the low to mid 30s inland and the upper 20s along the coast,” the ECCC said in its warning.

“Watch for the effects of heat illness: heavy sweating, rash, cramps, fainting, high body temperature, and worsening of certain health conditions. Never leave susceptible people, especially children, or pets in a parked vehicle.

“If you are in an overheated area, find a cool place, such as a shady spot with trees, a water play area, a mist station, or an air-conditioned place such as a public building,” the ECCC said.

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