Shania Twain battles illness to give ‘joyful’ performance in London

Shania Twain battles illness to give ‘joyful’ performance in London

Shania Twain captivates audience with performance in London’s Hyde Park

Shania Twain recently gave a spectacular performance in London’s Hyde Park, despite a cold.

The 58-year-old Canadian, who opened her show with the 1997 hit Do not be dumbcaptivated a large audience during her show at British Summer Time.

The performance took place a week after Twain performed on the Legends programme at the Glastonbury Festival.

Although many fans in London said they were “jumping for joy” during Shania’s performance.

The country singer, who performed as a headliner despite her illness, sparked controversy online for her singing performance on Worthy Farm.

Wearing a red Vivienne Westwood jacket with sparkly white boots, the singer told the crowd she was going to hold back the “snorting” to headline.

She said, “I have a little cold, but that doesn’t matter, it’s just a little sniffle.”

As she turned away from the audience to blow her nose during the performance, she added, “I just want to tell you a little bit about what this means to me. I’ve been coming to concerts here for many, many years and seeing all the legends play on this stage.”

“I’ve played this stage before, it’s been a while… here I am again and I can’t thank you enough, you’re so amazing, thank you. I’m really happy right now. London, thank you for having me back,” she added.