First time for one, eighth win for the other

First time for one, eighth win for the other

Runners took to the streets this past Sunday for the annual Tely 10-Mile Race from Paradise to St. John’s. It’s the 96th year the race has been held.

There were 3,000 runners, including professional athletes, gym regulars and last-minute sign-ups the day before. There were just as many bystanders, including family and friends, cheering on from the sidewalk.

At Bannerman Park in downtown St. John’s, just after the 50-minute mark of the race, Callum Drever crossed the finish line first.

“The first few minutes you’re not sure,” he said of winning. “(You’re) still in shock, but 30 minutes later, that’s when it really hits you.”

Halifax runner Callum Drever was the first runner to cross the finish line in the 2024 Tely 10 race. He also ran last year and finished second. (Arlette Lazarenko/CBC)

Drever has been running since he was 10 years old. He says he does four to five races a year.

He came to the province from Halifax and entered the Tely 10 for the second time, after encouragement from his friends, coming in second last year.

He says he knew the course better this time, including the hills and corners, and was able to prepare better.

The four other runners-up in the male category were Mark Greene, Liam Patterson, Ben Collingwood and Noah Defreyne.

Kate Bazeley took first place in the Tely 10 race for the eighth time. She said the race will kick-start her further training for an upcoming marathon. (Arlette Lazarenko/CBC)

8-time winner

In the female runners, the win went to Kate Bazeley. It is the eighth time that the mother of three has won first prize at the Tely 10.

“I think we’re all a little crazy,” she said of why she keeps going to the races. “I just love it and I love being a part of the community.”

The four other runners behind her were Anne Johnston, Janelle Simmons, Maria Chafe and Susan Hayward.

This was Bazeley’s first race since a cross-country race in Serbia in March, when she was part of Team Canada.

“Then I got injured, so I didn’t resume training until May,” she said.

“I wouldn’t miss this race if I could help it… I’m building up to a marathon in the fall this summer, so this was a kick in the butt to get it all going.”

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