Rick Ross involved in brawl at Vancouver concert after altercation with Drake, 50 Cent responds

Rick Ross involved in brawl at Vancouver concert after altercation with Drake, 50 Cent responds
Rick Ross involved in brawl at Vancouver concert after altercation with Drake, 50 Cent responds

A video of Rick Ross getting into a fight in Vancouver, Canada has gone viral amid his feud with Drake. 50 Cent shared his thoughts on the confrontation.

The attack is said to have taken place after the ‘I’m A Boss’ star performed at the Ignite Music Festival on Sunday, June 29.

Ross walked off stage while playing Kendrick Lamar’s infamous Drake diss track “Not Like Us,” and — in the viral fight footage — Ross can be seen allegedly arguing with a member of the audience. The man threw a punch at Ross, which led to a brawl between the audience members who gathered around the two men.

The video shows several of Ross’ team members being pushed and falling to the ground. At one point, one of his associates appeared to be unconscious, suggesting he was knocked out during the fight.

Many believe that the people who attacked Ross did so to support Drake during his feud with the Maybach Music Group founder.

The following Monday (July 1), Ross commented on his time at the festival, first sharing a photo of himself posing in front of a private jet on his Instagram Story, with the caption: “Vancouver it was fun, till next time”.

Subsequently, in a statement to TMZThe rapper said no one on his team suffered “serious injuries” following the attack, adding: “Vancouver is a beautiful city, and (I) can’t wait to get back.”

In an email to Today in the USA spokesperson for Ross added that the rapper and his team are “all good” following the fight.

50 Cent has responded to the footage of the fight in Vancouver on his Instagram page. He said (per Complex): “I just saw a very unfortunate situation that happened in Canada. I wanted to tell everyone that I hope that brother got home safely.”

The New Yorker continued: “I hope he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and not to do when he’s out in the open air.

“That part where that young guy, he made that little move and shit and he got knocked out right there, that doesn’t reflect on him. That reflects on his camp and he should maybe go get the Dreamchasers or, uh, the 305 Killers.”

In a now-deleted tweet, 50 jokingly added: “No, pick up your husband, he’s over there.”

In April, Drake released “Push Ups,” his first diss track aimed primarily at Lamar, in which he took aim at Ross. In response, the Florida rapper dropped “Champagne Moments,” in which he accused the OVO founder of getting a nose job and sent a cease and desist order to French Montana.

Ross continued to tease Drake online, calling him “White boy” and “BBL Drizzy” on Instagram. The latter was later featured on ‘Family Matters’ where he rapped: “What the fuck did I hear Rick say, n****? / I’m talkin’ ’bout a nose job, n**** / Ozempic has a side effect of jealousy / And the doctor never told y’all, n****s.”

In other news, Camila Cabello has responded to the current smear campaign against Drake, saying it’s “frustrating” because he’s “such a joy.”