Forget the win. Toronto Blue Jays fans want to know who moved ‘Home Plate Lady’

Forget the win. Toronto Blue Jays fans want to know who moved ‘Home Plate Lady’
Forget the win. Toronto Blue Jays fans want to know who moved ‘Home Plate Lady’

The Toronto Blue Jays won their home opener last night, but some fans were still angry.

Not mad about the game, in which Jose Berrios threw 6⅔ shutout innings and Davis Schneider drove in two runs as they defeated the Seattle Mariners 5-2. And not necessarily annoyed by the Rogers Center dome, which was closed.

No, fans were upset about the placement of an old icon in the stands: Home Plate Lady. Specifically, that she was not behind home plate, but on the sidelines.

“This will be our curse. Mark my words,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, where “Home Plate Lady” was still trending in Canada on Tuesday morning.

“Who moved Home Plate Lady,” wrote another.

“It’s Home Plate Lady… Don’t move to the side, lady. All that money was spent on renovations and they ruined the only thing that matters,” someone else wrote.

“All Blue Jays season ticket holders have self-selected their new seats in the stadium,” a Toronto Blue Jays spokesperson said in an emailed statement to CBC News.


Who is Home Plate Lady?

According to fans on X, the old fan has had the best seats in the stadium for decades. Her near-constant presence at Jay’s home games has led fans down a rabbit hole of theories, and her deadpan expressions have made her a fan favorite.

CBC News spoke with Home Plate Lady in 2016. The Jays fan did not want her identity revealed, but confirmed that she has had season tickets behind home plate for years and has no special ties to the baseball club.

She became famous in 2019 didn’t even flinch as a foul ball flew straight into her face. In 2020, when the U.S.-Canada border was closed to non-essential travel, the team’s marketing director added a cardboard cutout of her to the stands at every Blue Jays game in Buffalo, NY, and even swapped out her famous scarves.

The fan is so beloved that she received a standing ovation in 2021 when she returned to the stands for the Jays’ first home game in Toronto after the COVID-19 lockdown.

1st game since the renovation of the Lower Bowl

Monday’s home opener was the first to showcase the changes to the Lower Bowl, including the renovated 100-seat seating area, new dugouts and new grass.

The first phase of renovations was completed in the off-season between 2022 and 2023. They updated the upper bowl seating areas and the outfield. Phase 2 focused on the lower bowl, field and player areas such as the dugouts, clubhouses and training rooms.

But these changes have also led to some resistance.

Last year, an email was sent to season ticket holders about the next phase of the $300 million renovation of Rogers Centre. Some longtime Jays fans were dismayed to learn that their coveted seats in the lower bowl would no longer exist, and that they would face a steep price increase if they wanted to remain season ticket holders and select new seats.

Now, some people wonder if that’s what happened to Home Plate Lady. But others point out that, like her apparent nature, she may not really care.

“Home Plate Lady has an aisle seat like a civilized human being and I can almost guarantee she doesn’t give a damn how she looks on your TV screen,” wrote a popular baseball report. Tao of Stiebon X.

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